Use any message you like for pop-up reminder

This pop-up message box reminds you to take a break or whatever message you specify.
Enter any customized break message up to 255 characters.
Even display it in any language your keyboard can type!

Select any font, style or size for your message!

Between computer rest breaks, RestBreak is hidden except for a small stopwatch icon in the system tray usually located in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

system tray

Customize your reminder message or reminder time intervals by right-clicking that stopwatch icon:

Right-click on the small stopwatch icon in your system tray to see this menu:


Click on the Status option above to display the status screen shown below.


Click on Settings to customize your settings. 
Click Pause to disable pop-up reminders if you are watching a video.

You can customize various settings on the screen below. 
Audible and pop-up reminders can be set for concurrent or separate time intervals as shown below.